Interior Design Blog Name Ideas

70+ Inspiring Interior Design Blog Name Ideas

Choosing the perfect name for your interior design blog is like selecting that statement piece for your living space – it sets the tone, reflects your style, and invites readers in.

Whether you gravitate towards minimalist havens or maximalist wonderlands, your blog’s name should spark creativity and inspire design enthusiasts.

Here, we’ve curated a collection of evocative names to ignite your imagination. We’ll also delve into some FAQs to help you discover the ideal title for your design journey.

70 AI-Generated Interior Design Blog Names

Catchy & Symbolic Interior Design Blog Names:

  1. Cozy Haven (Warm & Inviting)
  2. Hygge House (Danish Concept of Coziness)
  3. Nesting Nook (Nesting = Creating a Home)
  4. Boho Bliss (Bohemian Style + Happiness)
  5. Serene Space (Peaceful & Tranquil)
  6. Dwell Well (Live Well in Your Home)
  7. Woven Nest (Cozy & Crafted)
  8. Indigo Ink (Color Associated with Calm)
  9. The Driftwood (Natural & Serene)
  10. Whispering Walls (Evokes Comfort)
  11. Bloom & Flourish (Growth & Beauty in Decor)
  12. Curated Corner (Unique & Personal Style)
  13. Lumina Living (Light-Filled Living)
  14. Haven Hues (Color Inspiration)
  15. The Gilded Lily (Elegant & Luxurious)
  16. Terra Firma (Latin: Solid Ground – Foundation of Design)
  17. Aura Abode (Inner Light + Dwelling)
  18. Whispering Willow (Nature-Inspired & Calming)
  19. Indigo Isle (Color + Tranquility)
  20. Flourish & Form (Growth + Design)
  21. Kinship & Cocoon (Connection & Comfort)
  22. Haven Muse (Home as Inspiration)
  23. Lumina Loft (Light-Filled & Airy)
  24. Indigo Iris (Color + Flower)

Short & Creative Names:

  1. Dwell & Dream
  2. Serene Abode
  3. Hyggeheart
  4. Bohotique
  5. Indigo Home
  6. Woven Joy
  7. Bloomspace
  8. Curate It
  9. Lumina Life
  10. Haven Hue

Bonus – Playful & Unique Names:

  1. The Quirky Nest (Fun & Individual Style)
  2. Cozy Catwalk (Cat Lovers + Comfort)
  3. Boho Bungalow (Bohemian Style + Dwelling)
  4. The Mismatched Muse (Eclectic & Inspiring)
  5. Indigo Inkwell (Creative & Colorful)

Symbolic & Evocative Names:

  1. Nestia (Nest + Utopia)
  2. Hyggeglow (Hygge + Glow)
  3. Sereno (Spanish: Peaceful)
  4. Luminair (Light + Air)
  5. Bohotique (Bohemian + Boutique)
  6. Welhaven (Welcome + Haven)
  7. Cozynest (Cozy + Nest)
  8. Blooma (Bloom + Home)
  9. Hyggely (Cozy & Happy)
  10. Veridian (Greenish-Blue, Represents Nature)
  11. Numi (Latin: Light – Illuminating Design)
  12. Innisfree (Irish: Isle of Peace – Peaceful Retreat)
  13. Terra Forma (Latin: Solid Ground + Form – Foundation of Design)
  14. Aura Haven (Inner Light + Refuge – Sanctuary of Design)
  15. Wisteria Way (Charming & Inviting) – Repeated for emphasis

Bonus – Names with City References:

  1. Parisian Perch (French Chic Style)
  2. Nordic Nest (Scandinavian Design)
  3. Tokyo Loft (Modern & Minimalist)
  4. Marrakech Muse (Moroccan Inspired)
  5. Brooklyn Abode (Eclectic & Industrial)

FAQs about Naming Your Interior Design Blog:

1. Should My Blog Name Reflect My Specific Design Style (e.g., Mid-Century Modern, Farmhouse)?

Your name can certainly hint at your style, but a broader name allows for exploration. “Haven Hues” or “Woven Wonders” lets you showcase different aesthetics while maintaining a sense of your core design philosophy.

2. Can I Use Colors in My Blog Name?

Absolutely! Colors evoke strong emotions and can set the mood for your blog. “Indigo Ink” suggests serenity, while “Bloomspace” bursts with vibrant energy. Consider colors that resonate with your personal style and the overall feel you want to create.

3. What if I Want a Name that’s Unique and Doesn’t Use Dictionary Words?

Coining a name is a fun way to stand out! Play with combining words or inventing entirely new ones. “Nestia” (nest + utopia) or “Hyggeglow” (hygge + glow) create a sense of whimsy and intrigue.

4. How Short Should My Blog Name Be?

Shorter names are generally easier to remember and type in. However, there’s no hard and fast rule. If your heart is set on a slightly longer name that captures your essence, go for it! Aim for something concise and evocative, under 15 characters if possible.

5. Where Can I Find More Inspiration for My Blog Name?

Look around your own inspiring spaces! Notice the textures, colors, and objects that bring you joy. Perhaps a vintage lamp or a handwoven throw rug sparks the perfect name. Design magazines, art museums, and even nature walks can provide a wealth of inspiration.


With a little brainstorming and these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to finding the ideal name for your interior design blog.

Remember, the best name is one that resonates with you and reflects the unique perspective you bring to the world of interior design.

Now, go forth and create a blog name that’s as beautiful and inviting as your dream home itself!

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