Nail Polish Blog Name Ideas

61+ Most Creative Nail Polish Blog Name Ideas

The world of nail polish is a vibrant canvas, a playground of color, creativity, and self-expression. Your blog is a haven, a space to share your passion for perfect polishes and inspire fellow nail enthusiasts.

Choosing the right name is like selecting your first shade – it should be catchy, memorable, and reflect your unique perspective on the world of lacquer.

We’ve curated a list of names that are not only delightful but also resonate with every aspect of nail artistry – from the flawless application of “Lacquered Perfection” to the dazzling shimmer of “Lumina Lacquer.”

61 AI-Generated Nail Polish Blog Names

Catchy & Memorable Nail Polish Blog Names:

  1. Lacquered & Lovely (Elegant & Beautiful)
  2. Polished Perfection (Flawless Nails)
  3. The Painted Press (Latest Nail Trends)
  4. Swatch & Share (Nail Polish Reviews)
  5. Tip of the Week (Nail Art Tutorials)
  6. Chromed & Chic (Trendy Nail Styles)
  7. Mani Magic (Creative Manicures)
  8. Color Me Captivated (Stunning Nail Colors)
  9. The Glitterati (Sparkly Nail Art)
  10. From Bare to Bold (Diverse Nail Styles)
  11. The Lacquer Lounge (Relaxing & Enjoyable)
  12. Polished Whispers (Subtle & Sophisticated Nails)
  13. The Cuticle Chronicle (Nail Care Tips)
  14. Nailchemy (Nail Art Magic)
  15. The Glossy Gossip (Nail Polish News & Reviews)

Symbolic & Evocative Nail Polish Blog Names:

  1. Chroma (Greek for “Color”)
  2. Aura (Radiance & Beauty)
  3. Esme (French for “Beloved”) – Beloved Nails
  4. Lumina (Latin for “Light”) – Shimmering Nail Art
  5. Zest (Life & Energy) – Vibrant Nail Colors
  6. Inara (Arabic for “Luminous”) – Dazzling Nails
  7. Avior (Hebrew for “Lightbringer”) – Trendsetting Nail Styles
  8. Anya (Sanskrit for “Bliss”) – Joyful Nail Art
  9. Elara (Greek for “Joy”) – Fun & Playful Nail Designs
  10. Gemma (Latin for “Precious Stone”) – Exquisite Nail Art
  11. Chroma Aura (Color Radiance)
  12. Esme’s Lumina (Beloved’s Shimmer)
  13. Zestful Tips (Vibrant Nail Tips)
  14. Inara’s Gloss (Luminous Shine)
  15. Avior’s Chroma (Trendsetting Color)

Combination Names:

  1. Chroma Canvas (Colorful Nail Art Canvas)
  2. Aura Swatch (Radiant Nail Polish Swatches)
  3. Esme’s Mani Magic (Beloved’s Magical Manicures)
  4. Lumina Lacquer (Shimmering Nail Polish)
  5. Zestful Glitterati (Vibrant & Sparkly Nails)
  6. Inara’s Bare to Bold (Luminous Journey from Bare to Bold Nails)
  7. Avior’s Painted Press (Trendsetting Nail News)
  8. Anya’s Cuticle Chronicle (Joyful Nail Care Tips)
  9. Elara’s Chromed & Chic (Fun & Trendy Chrome Nails)
  10. Gemma’s Glossy Gossip (Exquisite Nail Polish News)

21 Bonus Names:

  1. Lacquered Muse (Nail Art Inspiration)
  2. Polished Tips (Expert Nail Advice)
  3. Swatch Party (Fun Nail Polish Reviews)
  4. Nail Obsessed (Passionate about Nails)
  5. Chromed Dreams (Trendy & Dreamy Nails)
  6. Glitter Fix (Love for Sparkly Nails)
  7. Mani Master (Nail Art Expertise)
  8. Color Craze (Obsessed with Nail Colors)
  9. Polish Paradise (Relaxing Nail Haven)
  10. Bare Elegance (Simple & Beautiful Nails)
  11. The Glossery (Nail Polish Reviews)
  12. Chroma Cult (Devoted to Nail Polish)
  13. Aura Nails (Radiant & Beautiful Nails)
  14. Esme’s Gloss (Beloved’s Shiny Nails)
  15. Lumina Tips (Shimmering Nail Tips)
  16. Zestful Nails (Vibrant & Energetic Nails)
  17. Inara’s Shine (Luminous Nail Shine)
  18. Avior’s Chroma (Trendsetting Nail Colors)
  19. Gemma Luxe (Luxurious Nail Art)
  20. Polished Bliss (Joyful Nail Experience)
  21. The Nail Niche (Community for Nail Lovers)

Frequently Asked Questions on Choosing Your Nail Polish Blog Name:

1. Should My Name Be Playful or Sophisticated?

It all depends on your style! “Elara’s Chromed & Chic” exudes a trendy vibe, while “Bare Elegance” reflects a love for classic beauty. Choose a name that aligns with the tone and content you plan to create.

2. How Can My Name Reflect My Specific Nail Niche?

Consider your area of expertise! Do you specialize in intricate nail art designs? “Nailchemy” or “Anya’s Cuticle Chronicle” (Joyful Nail Care Tips) might be perfect. Are you passionate about the latest trends and colors? Opt for a name like “Avior’s Painted Press” (Trendsetting Nail News) or “Zestful Glitterati” (Vibrant & Sparkly Nails).

3. What Makes a Great Nail Polish Blog Name?

Keep it short, memorable, and relevant to nail polish. Imagine someone stumbling upon your name – does it spark curiosity and make them think of vibrant colors, creative designs, or expert nail care?

4. Can My Name Be Unique and Stand Out?

Absolutely! Don’t be afraid to experiment with wordplay or combine dictionary words with symbolic terms like “Chroma Canvas” (Colorful Nail Art Canvas) or “Lumina Swatch” (Radiant Nail Polish Swatches).

5. I’m Stuck on a Name and Need Inspiration!

Think about words that represent your love for nail polish! Do you find joy in the creative process? The vibrant colors? The feeling of polished perfection? Brainstorm keywords related to colors, nail art techniques, and the overall experience of nail care. Play around with combinations and see what ignites your creativity. Ultimately, trust your gut and choose a name that feels authentic and reflects the unique flair you bring to the nail polish community.


Your blog’s name is more than just an identifier; it’s a promise of inspiration, a reflection of your passion, and an invitation to explore the world of nail artistry. Take your time, ponder the options, and let your creativity guide you.

The perfect name, like the flawless application of your favorite shade, will soon reveal itself. Now go forth and paint your masterpiece – one dazzling post at a time!

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